Do you have questions about what to do, how to do it, where to start and where to go to improve your level of health and fitness? 

If you've recovered from an injury then your questions may also include other concerns.  When is it safe for me to return to working out and what machines can I use?  What exercises should I do or not do?  How much weight should I use and how many repetitions should I do?  Can I return to a sport or previous physical activity?  How will I know how hard to push to avoid injury again?   

We have a simple solution for all your questions and concerns today.

Our customized and state of the art mobile studio provides the vehicle to deliver comprehensive programs.  We can then fully address all your post rehab/recovery core strength and conditioning fitness needs.  These programs are specifically geared towards the none injury client as well as previously injured person and now recovered client who is fully functional and capable of being pushed at a higher level.  Our programs equally cater to athletic individuals who want to enhance their competitive performance or those who simply want to get in shape and transform their body, while preventing future injuries.

Every program is delivered and provided by a Board Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Rehabilitation Fitness Specialist.


Fitness Services:

  • Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning
  • Spinal Core Strengthening & Injury Prevention Program
  • Weight Management Program
  • Body Transformation & Sculpting Program
  • Wellness Fit & Maintenance Program

Don't delay or second guess the importance of enjoying an active and fun lifestyle!

If you're serious about being able to move and feel great again then the answer is simple.

Contact us to schedule a free wellness assessment and fit screen today!

Let us "Deliver A Better You".

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