We at Health Industry Designs and HID Fit Therapy Mobile Studio are passionate about providing a great opportunity to grow with our company. 

Our plan is not to employ subservient worker bees, but rather empower young ambitious clinical entrepreneurs, with a hunger to be their own boss. 

The American dream is making sustainable income with endless growth potential and owning your own home, car and a yacht wouldn't be bad either.  Right?  Well the yacht is up for debate but why not go for it!  Simply tap into your true passion and you can achieve your goals and make your dreams become reality! 

The fitness and wellness affiliate programs are an extended financial opportunity for individuals with a back ground or passion for fitness, health, and nutrition to have shared access use of our mobile unit.  This access is intended for you to market and build your weight management and wellness clientele in conjunction with our fitness and basic nutrition guidance programs.  

Think of this as a free all access opportunity to build your own clientele and deliver a fully state of the art gym directly to their door steps.  It will make you look very impressive while having a great tool to easily market to them.

As a personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, fitness coach, exercise physiologist or individuals with other fitness credentials you will have opportunity to grow your own weight management clientele groups of potentially 2-5 people and be involved in structuring their comprehensive program.  In addition you will share profit percentages from each clients program, have full access and control over retail profits from our nutrition bar, and profit sharing on fitness supplies retailed to your clientele each session.

Let's recap:

  • The fitness or wellness coach affiliate is a self employed independent contractor who will collaborate with HID Fit Therapy Mobile Studio to build multiple weight management groups to refer into our structured programs. 
  • Profits will include a percentage shared for each client referred per group, stocking approved products and receiving full retail profits for nutrition sales at the nutrition bar, and profits shared from sales of promoted fitness supplies retailed to the clients.   
  • You can decide to be directly involved in designing and implementing the fitness programs or not if you are a fitness affiliate. 
  • You will be directly responsible for measuring, monitoring, motivating and following up with your clients weight management assessment, goals, and plans throughout their program.
  • You will make a small start-up business investment to receive unlimited and comprehensive business access for supplies to distribute approved nutrition products to your clients.  
  • You will be responsible for stocking all approved and agreed nutrition products for your clients to consume and for your retail.
  • You will be responsible for all preparation and serving supplies for nutrition products sold.
  • You will have the opportunity to design and initiate a marketing approach to retail fitness supplies offered by HID Fit Therapy and you will receive profit shares for each sale.    

Benefits and Why This is a Great Business Opportunity for You: 

  1. You save hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly, you'd otherwise have to spend on subleasing space or rent.
  2. You can market and deliver services to clients anywhere they are located.  You're in control of location and distance.
  3. You're start up investment is miniscule and returns on your investment is enormous and endless.
  4. You have 4 initial streams of immediate income potential and multiple other streams that you'll be introduced to. (Sessions profit, fitness products retail, consumption retail, and nutrition products retail) 
  5. You get access to promote and grow your business weight management clientele with our marketing tools, promotions, and events without cost to you.
  6. The HID Fit Therapy Mobile Studio makes marketing super easy for promoting to build your clientele. 
  7. Learn and grow your business without the risk.

Embrace a no lose opportunity and explore the chance to be your own boss, while creating your own list of business clientele. 

Opportunity waits for no one, so if you're serious about being a fitness entrepreneursimply contact us for a business conference. 


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