Are you working the 40/40 plan of 40 hours a week and 40 years as a laboring employee? 

Do you literally live from paycheck to paycheck without getting ahead?

Are you living without financial security or plans for your future?

Do you have plans for financial support if you get laid off or even worse, your employer tells you one day they're going out of business and you have 2 weeks left to work?

Are you happy with receiving no raises or a peanuts percentage raise every year?

Do you feel unappreciated for your all your years of hard work?

Are you simply in need of easy extra income to improve your lifestyle and pay for fun vacations, new wardrobe,  upgrades to your house or car, weekend events or for gifts for your kids?

Does any of the above apply to you and are you looking for an easy option to getting off the hamster wheel? 

Here's a solution.  Health Industry Designs in conjunction with HID Fit Therapy is offering great opportunities for making economic growth and residual income to ambitious marketing entrepreneurs. 

Do you want to hear more?

We have designed a marketing affiliate program for you to be an independent contractor and your own boss, working as often or as little as you want. 

The program works like this: 

  • You simply sign up for our program without required cost to you.
  • You refer legitimate clients in need of any of our offered programs or services and receive a percentage commission check the following month for the clients service initially attended.
  • You refer a client to purchase any items from our website e-commerce store and receive a monthly percentage commission for all purchases they make for 6 months.
  • In addition you can chose to invest in our nutrition program line and be your own boss!
  • Build a nutrition and weight management clientele base and use our mobile unit, business website, promotions and marketing tools to help you grow your own clientele list.  This added option allows you to entirely build and grow an endless business group of your own with endless wealth potential.  

The time is now to take control of your future and jump off the hamster wheel. 

Take control of the wheel and direct your path to great success!

**If you're serious about a bright future of endless possibilities or simply some residual income then contact us now!!


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