Health Industry Designs, Corp. (HID) is a parent corporation for HID Fit Therapy who has constructed a fully mobile physical therapy rehabilitation, skilled personal training, spinal massage therapy, and wellness membership discount programs.  This unique mobile based studio is a business line consisting of customized mobile rehabilitation and wellness concierge units.  

Our purpose is to deliver a convenient on the go wellness program experience both locally and afar.  This encompasses:

  1. skilled physical therapy for "injury management",
  2. post-recovery and injury prevention core personal training for "athletic performance or weight management",  
  3. spinal massage therapy for "musculoskeletal maintenance" after recovery, and
  4. basic or comprehensive wellness membership discount service plans to "receive enhanced monthly service options, rewards and discounts".   

*All wellness programs will include "basic" coaching for healthy nutrition, to achieve optimal recovery.

The mobile studio is quite unique in that it is the first and only of its kind.  We have taken a luxurious Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mega Roof van and fully customized it with state of the art therapeutic and fitness exercise equipment.  It's like a one stop service and shop on wheels, delivered directly to you in person. 

Our mobile studio also retails a variety of useful exercise, stress relief and pain management tools for clients to use for recovery and maintenance, at their place of convenience. This is an added time saver and convenience for those lacking time or transportation capabilities. 


The virtual studio incorporates our web based studio approach including:

  1. Educational videos through our "YouTube" channel,  
  2. Secure Email communication with our professional for your physical therapy, personal training, or postural wellness passport membership programs.
  3. E-commerce to access and shop expert trusted exercise, therapeutic, and wellness recovery and maintenance products to improve your lifestyle.

We have future plans to enhance our current virtual studio.  It will include:

  1. a secured user login  
  2. customized user options for a unique user experience,
  3. convenient access to information to optimize goal achievement,
  4. personalized retail e-commerce based on user preference & needs to access high quality and effective products to enhance recovery, performance, and weight management,
  5. and personalized coaching 24/7 for customized wellness coaching programs. 

Our mobile studio is based in southern Miami-Dade and serves:

  1. South half of Miami-Dade County
  2. Upper Key Largo 
  3. Platinum fee based concierge options expanding into northern half of Miami-Dade and southern Broward County in Florida 
  4. There are future plans to expand to serve other major areas within Florida.  

Our competitively unique business model provides unlimited growth potential, with no boundaries.  This model coincides with the current and future of national healthcare model trends to incorporate prevention and maintenance health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs, for servicing clients before, during or after injury and illness. 

All diagnosed physical therapy services will be offered to active clients ranging from:

  1. Adolescents from 16 years of age to
  2. Active adults and
  3. Active retirees 

Our target physical therapy clientele are those suffering from:

  1. orthopedic injuries or disorders or
  2. neurological related disorders and accidents.  

*Additional services are provided by board licensed and skilled physical therapists with a doctorate level education, licensed professionals or certified specialists, and will include balance and fall prevention, postural assessments and correction, core strength and conditioning programs post injury recovery, weight management programs, the use of kinesio-taping techniques for muscle and joint maintenance, work injury prevention programs, therapeutic massage and wellness coaching services as indicated.  

Payment Options:

  1. We accept Cash Payment for physical therapy and all other services.
  2. Physical Therapy additionally accepts Insurances as follows:
  • Medicare 
  • Automobile Accident Insurance 
  • Work Injury Insurance  
  • Patient reimbursement through Private out of network insurance options
  • Payment Plans (low interest)