Off Site Client Quoted Review Post Written from Prior Clients/Patients :

  • "Met up with Matthew for a fitness assessment to address body composition and wellness level. He was very informative on what nutritional changes I can make in order to reduce body fat % and lose those last (annoying) 10lbs. Areas of improvement were also discovered in order to improve my overall fitness level as well as gain strength in those weaker areas."  AH (Oct. 22nd 2015)
  • "My right arm was broken. After surgery,Matthew worked very hard with me,which resulted in full restoration of function. Couldn't have had a more passionate and dedicated therapist."  SB (Oct. 19th 2015 
  • "Excellent therapy on my foot. Now I'm back to running and exercising. Thanks very much!" MB (Oct. 17th 2015)
  • "HID Fit Therapy is a great company for those who are looking for a customized experience in changing their lifestyle. By combining a nutrition and fitness program specific to my needs and wants, I feel healthier, physically and mentally, and I am more aware of my body. Matt gives knowledgeable, impartial advice that has allowed me to feel comfortable. This is definitely something different than you can get at a regular gym."  TR (Oct. 25th 2015)
  • "Matthew is the most genuine person you'll ever meet in your life! Cares deeply about your well being! I've had multiple sessions with him and let me just say.. The service is amazing!! Not only does take care of you as if you were his child! You will leave with so much information that you could use and share to your family and friends! If you haven't had a session with him you're missing out!!"  CH (Oct. 17th 2015)
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