HID’s mission is to treat each client, member, and customer as a V.I.P., while providing undivided care and service, "with a fully mobile approach" to deliver a better you.  

All direct service options will be delivered by a licensed physical therapist, licensed health professional, or certified fitness specialist for the entire session.  This will be delivered in a comfortably cooled and fully equipped mobile studio or on the client's premises if preferred or indicated. 

All online services are in the developmental stages and will be comprehensive and customized to meet the health goals of all the clientele.  

The end goal is to make a positive change in peoples health, level of activity and physical function by delivering a premier physical therapy, professional strength and conditioning, weight management services, and wellness programs. 

All to be provided at the comfort of your:

  • home,
  • business or
  • any location we serve for the clients preference and convenience. 

*In addition to the continued VIP concierge delivery attention being given to our clients, we are expanding to offer small corporate wellness programs.  

Our corporate wellness focus is to address needs for:

  • injury prevention,
  • musculoskeletal stress reduction,
  • ergonomics for performance enhancement, and
  • musculoskeletal postural balancing.


"Delivering A Better You" is our top priority. 

"Delivering A Better You"  to your home or business.

"Delivering A Better You" to your home or business.